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Remember when you were a kid and went turning over rocks to see what was lurking below? Would it be a sparkly gemstone or some creepy crawlies? Most often it was just garden-variety bugs. But these days it seems we’re finding cans of worms! One example is SAROS (that’s short for “State of the Aggregate Resources in Ontario Study, 2010″). Seems this study, made up of 6 separate papers, was largely written by aggregate industry representatives, or at least by ‘consultants’ with very close ties to the industry. As reported in one of the submissions made to the the ARA Review Committee “Five of the six SAROS Papers commissioned by the Ministry of Natural Resources were authored by consulting firms that prepared planning or licensing application reports for the Highland Companies.” (The Highland Companies are behind the Mega-Quarry proposal mentioned in the previous post.) Can you say ‘conflict of interest’?

And that’s not all. Go to this page to turn over a few more rocks … http://www.gravelwatch.org/ara_review.htm

… and look for submissions made by Helen Purdy.