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A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss … or so they say.

It may be true … or not. But one thing you can bet on is that a rolling stone will gather momentum; particularly if it is rolling down from a high point of land .. such as the ‘Headwaters’ of five important rivers.

A rather large stone was found recently in Melancthon Township when it became known that the new potato farmers in the area had stones – not in their shoes – but on their minds and up their sleeves. The stone began shaking things up, then rocking ‘n’ rolling, down the gentle slopes from the Headwaters Hills. No moss, just an increasingly loud rumble as it gained momentum.

The rumble was heard by people living in the heavily populated lands downstream. They in turn became aware of just how dependent they are on the water and food that originates in Melancthon. More and more ‘city folks’ were activated by the rumble and began a serious push back. The rock’s rolling has been slowed somewhat by the courageous actions of individuals like Carl Cosack and his neighbours in the NDACT group, and the response of thousands of concerned Ontarians. Slumbering politicians reluctantly followed with the formation of a committee to review the Aggregate Resources Act.

It remains to be seen whether this is just lip service or represents serious intent to bring the Act out of the Stone Age.