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Small Stuff – a minor annoyance, or Life-and-Death?

Depends which side of the gravel road you’re on.

If it’s a pebble in your shoe, it’s annoying. If it’s a grain of sand in your salad it’s annoying but also possibly indicative of unsanitary preparation. If it’s an invisible particle of crystalline silica in your lungs it IS a matter of life and death.

Ken Cressey and his wife Jeanine, of Snow Road Station in North Frontenac Ontario, tragically discovered these truths. Jeanine is now dead and Ken’s health is seriously compromised, and his life likely shortened considerably, as the result of living too close to an aggregate operation that illegally conducted crushing operations.

At first their complaints were stonewalled. Then they were advised to move away. Not so easy when your property is across the road from a pit. Eventually they were taken seriously – somewhat – and Crain’s Construction was prosecuted for operating a pit “not in accordance with its licence conditions”.  On October 27, 2011, Wilburt Crain entered a plea of guilty on behalf of Crain’s Construction and was fined $1000.

That was 2 years after Jeanine died.

Ken was never compensated in any manner.

Not even funeral and burial costs.

‘Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust’  … and caused by dust.

Can you say “negligent homicide”?