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Do you remember playing the “what if” game as a child. You know…What if the sky was green? …What if candy grew on Willow trees? …What if we had responsible representative government?

Ah, those times of innocents!

Well, “what if” pits and quarries were closed if they did not meet a minimum tonnage per year? Maybe three years in a row. If they miss their minimum tonnage , the pit would automatically be decommissioned, given a grace period for possible reapplication, and then rehabilitated?

It just might address that “dirty” little word in our Provincial Policy Statement that the Ontario Aggregate Industry does not like to hear …“NEED”!

If the market, or performance, dictates that the pit is not “NEEDED”, then close it down.

What business, other than Ontario Aggregate, can operate on a profit model where “NEED” is not a requirement?

Could you see Ford making an extra 10,000 cars every year if they were not “NEEDED”?

Would Wal*Mart open one of their Super Centers in “Buck Tooth Junction”, population 12, if their business model showed that it wasn’t ‘needed’ and this would be a financial disaster?

Only in Ontario!

Can you imagine the Aggregate Lobbyists’ glee when the PPS came out stating that the “NEED” for their product would not have to be considered before they turned huge chunks of Ontario into holes?

Picture a plush office where cigar smoke hangs, 2 cognac glasses rest on a heavy leather bound desk top. Three Gucci suits talking amongst themselves; I can hear their conversation now:

Lobbyist 1: I can’t believe they bought that clap trap about not proving the “NEED” for our product. I put it on our list as a joke!

Lobbyist 2:  Ha! and they put my ‘close to market’ stuff in too! What dupes!

Lobbyist 3: Well Brothers. It just goes to show that the Beatles were wrong. Money can buy you love!

… to be continued