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Could “Minimum Haulage = Responsible Aggregate Planning in Ontario?

Surprisingly, I believe it can.

I am not an expert in this field, and therefore cannot place a number on minimum tonnage, but I’m sure it could be done.

Our current system allows the Aggregate industry to open as many pits and quarries as possible, basically “banking them” for the future. I believe the Aggregate companies want as many pits and quarries approved as possible now, in case environmental rules change in the future, making it harder to get approvals. So….they are racing the environment clock!

But, in the not so distant future:

What if” a pit cannot meet Minimum Haulage requirements for the specified period? … It would get decommissioned and rehabilitated.

What if” an Aggregate operator wanted to open an additional pit, but couldn’t because that would reduce one of his existing pits below the minimum haulage amount, forcing a closure.

What if” Aggregate companies actually had to compete for their business in Ontario, reducing prices to ensure maintaining their minimum quantity!

What if” the economic success of a pit had more to do with selling their product in a competitive market instead of the current “fixed game”.

What if” the costs of opening a pit become a bigger factor due to the reduced profit the companies might get from their product on an open market. Could $115 million be justified to fight for approval of the Rockfort Quarry, for example, or would the operators move on up the road to a more viable location. Maybe an area with less population, an area that does not need an unproven, and thus risky, “grout wall” and an area that does not require drastic changes to the roads in order to transport the stone?

What if” the Ontario Government was able to buy aggregate product cheaper than they are right now due to a truly competitive market place?

What if” the Aggregate companies actually had to plan their supplies

around what was really NEEDED?

What if” the sky was green?

What if” candy grew on willow trees?

What if” we had a responsible representative government that could actually make this change in the Aggregate Resources Act?