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Dedicated to Digging for Truth, Blasting the Myths, and Etching Reality in Stone.

To anyone who attended the hastily scheduled ARA reviews, it was abundantly clear that the new “catch phrase” from the aggregate industry and many others is “RECYCLE“!

This should be a good thing….right?

Well, be careful what you wish for.

As recent pit applications have identified, the aggregate industry wants to turn gravel pits into Industrial Operation Zones! And forget about notions of “interim use” and “rehabilitation”.

This will mean more trucks, more grinding, more crushing, more fugitive emissions (them’s fancy words for crap in the air), more noise and serious risks of groundwater contamination from leaching.

Asphalt residue, roofing shingles, concrete, steel and other materials, possibly contaminated with all sorts of unidentified waste, could be coming to a neighbourhood near you, all courtesy of the Ministry of (Un?)Natural Resources.

Are you ready for a cocktail of ‘heavy metals’? Can you say ALUMINUM, CADMIUM, CHROMIUM, ARSENIC, NICKEL and SILICA … and who knows what else?

Is now the time to contact your local councillors and city Officials to have them establish proper standards and monitoring requirements should “recycling” become your new neighbour?

Recycling is great, but maybe it should be all about “location, location, location“!