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Can you imagine a world where you could grade yourself?   AWESOME!

Take me for example. I was a borderline student in school. Just kinda got by.

But if I could have self graded, I would have been a “A” student!

I probably would have had a career, albeit a short one, as a heart surgeon with the education of a shoe shine boy.

If you came to my office for surgery you’d leave in a body bag, but your shoes sure would look nice!

Well, Ontario has a billion dollar industry that can be life-threatening like my fictitious example, but which self-monitors.

Yep, that’s right. All they have to do is fill out a form at the end of each year “GRADING THEMSELVES” on their adherence to all the rules and regulations of running their operation.

Does it work?

Well, let’s talk about Ken Cressey and his late wife Jeanine once more.

The pit operators, who basically contributed to the death of Ken’s wife through their negligence, operated a crushing machine without a Certificate of Authorization, and without any effective dust control measures in place, for three years.

During that time we can only assume that they did not report themselves and their infractions on their self-monitoring report check list.

Then, due to Ken’s persistence, two years after Jeanine’s death the operator was brought to ‘justice’.

They negotiated a deal with the MNR lawyer to plead guilty to crushing without a certificate, and paid a $1000 fine. Never mind the Cresseys. Do you think they saw any money? Ha!

Why did Crain’s Construction take the risk of crushing without a certificate, and possibly falsifying their “self-monitoring reports” you ask?

Their answer seemed to be … It takes too long to apply for and receive the authorization.

So…. for the tens of thousands in profits Crain made during that time frame, they were penalized $1000 for illegal crushing. Not a bad risk/reward ratio, eh?

But what about the three years of lies they must have made on their self-assessment reports?

Surely, you would expect the MNR to interpret that breach of trust as a far worse crime than operating the crusher illegally.