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 If it looks like a goose, walks like a goose, squawks like a goose, and poops like a goose, nobody at the MNR is going to have any idea what the hell it is!

It seems they’re too busy pointing fingers, running for cover, avoiding responsibility, buck passing, spreading confusion, playing ‘hot potato’, ignoring the obvious, covering their eyes, holding their noses, denying the stench, and just generally looking the other way while their guilty friends bury the evidence.

Look what’s happening RIGHT NOW in Palgrave!

A gravel company, Brock Aggregates, has applied for a major expansion to an existing, but long-dormant, gravel pit (known as the Tottenham Pit). Local residents who had been told that the pit was slated for ‘Estate Residential’ development, have invested millions of dollars in their homes based on those assurances.

The residents have slowed, but not stopped, the pit site plan amendment application.

But Brock is proceeding merrily along as if their expansion is ‘in the bag’! A few weeks ago they obtained a demolition permit to take down a shed, one of several structures on the property. The shed came down all right, but then they proceeded to completely demolish an old log home that some say had historical significance as one of the early settler’s log homes in the area.


Apparently, they simply did not care. It appears they knew what the Town’s reaction would be … just a shrug and a remark like – ‘Oh well, we’ll just change the permit to include the house.’


But to make matters worse THEY DIDN’T EVEN CHECK TO SEE WHAT WAS IN THE HOUSE! Now there’s a rather strong smell in the area – from a fuel spill – and serious concerns about the water in surrounding wells. Everyone who might be responsible seems to be running for cover – the MNR, the MOE, the Town of Caledon, the TSSA (Technical Safety Standards Association), etc.. Brock was just as quick to try to cover things up by immediately burying the ‘evidence’ – they smashed the house, the contents, the oil tanks and who-knows-how-much fuel oil into the ground, and apparently buried it all under now-contaminated soil – making matters MUCH worse!

So who is supervising this fiasco?

Well … NOBODY … except Brock themselves!

That’s right. Because of the way the Aggregate Resources Act and related regulations are written, it is the responsibility of the pit owners to supervise themselves, and simply file a report on how well they voluntarily complied with the rules. So how do you suppose that works out?

Can you say CONFLICT of INTEREST out loud?

Now the local residents are left with a massive mess – potentially poisoned wells, frustrating finger-pointing by those officials who are taking our money (taxes) and then seeming to run as far away as possible. The residents are faced with the costs of expensive water testing and ongoing monitoring to ensure the safety of their drinking water, and unsaleable homes (the first question a prospective buyer asks is ‘how’s the well water’?) – all the result of lax laws and irresponsible behaviour all around.

You could say the residents’ ‘goose is cooked’ and those responsible get to fly away and leave their poop behind.

In aggregate, it is a stinky business, and it’s not just the smell of the spilled fuel oil.