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Friends of ours from Caledon sent us an article the other day about a depleted quarry that is due for “rehabilitation”.

The quarry owner, instead of following through on the original rehab plan – which was an integral part of the conditions for their license in the first place – wants to turn the pit into a ‘landfill’ site. (Here we wonder about what should be called a ‘landfill’ and what is a ‘dump’; or does it merely depend on the skill and vigilance of ‘inspectors’?)

The surrounding residents are dead set against this proposal.

It’s just another way of continuing to make their life hell, as more trucks will be rumbling down the road, spewing more deadly dust particles, more toxic emissions, disruptive noise, possible water contamination, etc. … basically prolonging all the miserable problems of living with a pit or a dump as a neighbour.

The local politicians have weighed in as expected.

The mayor’s main concern appears to be how much money can be made by placing a levy on the trucks. Apparently no overriding concerns for the air pollution or the possible water contamination. Zero regard for the wishes of constituents … just how the town might grab more funds.

So, is a mayor who acts this way? …
A: completely out of touch with voters
B: getting support from the aggregate industry
C: oblivious to the suffering caused by such decisions
D: simply not caring about her constituency
E: all of the above

All who are leaning towards “E” put up their hands!

However, the story gets worse…

Apparently the Town of Caledon has no rules, bylaws, regulations, etc…. to govern these landfill and recycling sites. That’s right, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA! They leave this whole ball of wax up to the incompetence that is our MNR! This is a gap in our environmental protection big enough to drive….well, a dump truck through!

However, it seems that just as long as the town gets their levies, some politicians seem to be OK with the whole thing!

And don’t you think it’s time for municipal politicians who put dollar signs ahead of citizens to pack up their bags and move on?

I’m sure there’s a job waiting for them someplace in the aggregate industry! It seems they’re qualified!

If the mayor and her council don’t care about “their people” and cannot bring themselves to “protect” them, which is their main responsibility as elected officials, then maybe they should all vacate their chairs.

As the Joker in the movie “Batman” said, “ What this town needs is an enema”